A short teaser of my piece for the young muslim writers award

“Close your eyes and believe in your strong and stable leader,” screamed the humongous, cobalt-blue billboards on the top of their voices whilst being emblazoned with glossy portraits of her. These cleverly crafted slogans were sprinkled all across her Empire, north and south, a bit like how we sometimes sprinkle salt over our chips on a Saturday night– one chip may be coated with slightly more salt than the other. She only had one aim, one objective- to broadcast her simple message of less Conservatism and more Mayism beyond patriotic pastures, above high hills and throughout the vibrant, energetic and dynamic cities which were all crucial for her to gain a tight grip on her civilisation. The Maybot had her intentions to ensure that the her strong and stable leadership was recognized all over the constituencies– whether it was being mass printed in tabloid newspapers, embedded into mindless conversations by her robotic subjects, or tweeted out to millions of the population. In her opinion, she was invincible, and was currently switched onto The Supreme Mode. She and her team felt so confident that they released her manifesto which outlined the finer points of the fundamental concepts of Mayism. They felt so bold and courageous that she managed to release a manifesto where the only numbers in it were the number of pages the manifesto had and four days later, she even squeezed in a manifesto U-turn, the first one in British Political History. Well, we all know that when Theresa Maybot is switched onto Supreme Mode, she’s simply just uncontrollable.